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Hepatitis B Treatment

Is there a cure for acute hepatitis B?

Although this is no cure for hepatitis B, acute cases can be managed with bed rest and proper fluid intake. Most acute hepatitis B cases (approximately 90 percent) dissipate on their own within 6 weeks to 6 months. Taking a follow-up test can ensure that the virus has been cleared by your immune system. If a hepatitis B infection has been cleared, antibodies have developed in your body, protecting you from the virus for life.

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Hepatitis B is a serious liver infection that is manageable when caught in the first six months. It can be contracted through sexual activities, infected blood or sharing needles. Approximately 70% of cases are symptomless, so get tested if you may have been exposed.

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Can chronic hepatitis B be treated or cured?

Chronic (long-term) hepatitis B infection can be treated, but the virus cannot be cleared. Close monitoring by a healthcare provider is crucial to helping avoid or stop the progression of liver diseases caused by hepatitis B. Treatment plans vary widely and depend largely on each individual’s overall health and their liver’s health.

I have hepatitis B, what can I do to help prevent further liver damage?

It is important to abstain from alcohol to help avoid additional liver damage. Since hepatitis is an infection of the liver, certain medications, like acetaminophen, that can be harmful to this organ should only be taken upon consulting with your doctor.

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