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Doctor Consultation

Clinical Consultations

We are able to provide a consultation for every positive test result. You are entitled to professional medical care, so we take steps to ensure that you receive it. Our experienced network of licensed professionals are available to answer your questions and provide guidance in the event that you receive a positive test result.

Can the doctor write a prescription for me if I need it?

At their discretion, our doctors can write prescriptions if your gonorrhea or chlamydia test results are positive. Our clinicians are also able to call in antibiotics for trichomoniasis, as well as prescriptive medication for herpes if you are experiencing an outbreak.

How does the clinical consultation process work?

After receiving your results, if you have tested positive for anything, you will be able to speak with one of our medical team members. This is your opportunity to have your STD test results explained and ask questions. Also, at the discretion of the clinicians, you can have appropriate prescriptions sent to your local pharmacy for an additional charge.

How do I know which test is right for me?

The fastest way to find out which test is right for you is with our clinicians-approved STD Test Recommender. This simple questionnaire will quickly evaluate your risk factors for contracting the most common STDs and make a recommendation for the best test or tests for you.

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