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If your results are positive, you will receive instructions on how to request a consultation with one of our licensed medical team members. They will be able to explain what your results mean and answer any questions you may have. A prescription may also be provided, at the clinician's discretion.

STD Test Results

Questions? Call 1-800-456-2323

What does “Value” mean?

Your STD test results may indicate “reactive,” “not-detected,” “non-reactive” or a reference range. Not detected and non-reactive mean the STD was not detected in your system. The reference range indicates whether the STD value is high enough to be considered positive; if not, it returns negative. For example, a range of < 0.90 in the “Herpes Simplex-2” test means any results below the 0.90 range are considered negative.

Can I speak to someone if I am positive?

Yes! If your test results are positive for any STD, you can discuss your results, ask questions, and get guidance from one of our licensed medical team members. You may also be advised to seek additional testing or explore treatment options depending on the STD you’ve contracted.

What does “Result” mean?

Your “result” is the outcome of your test. Depending on a number of factors, including whether an STD was found in your system, your result will either be positive or negative.

Can I get the same STD a second time?

Yes. You can be infected with the same STD more than once if you continue having unprotected sex with an infected partner. Failing to complete your entire course of prescribed medication will also make you vulnerable to re-infection. It is also possible to be infected with more than one STD at a time. For instance, having HIV makes it easier to become infected with other STDs.

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