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HIV RNA Test for Early Detection

Our clinicians recommend the HIV RNA Early Detection Test if you think you may have been recently exposed to the HIV virus. offers the only FDA-approved HIV RNA Test on the market. RNA is the genetic material that makes up certain viruses, like HIV. This HIV test searches for the genetic material of HIV rather than antibodies or antigens to it, allowing for earlier detection (in as little as 9-11 days after exposure). Our RNA-based test is the most accurate HIV test available today. Taking our HIV Test is a simple process– just provide a small blood sample at a lab near you and be on your way in minutes. With more than 4,500 conveniently located testing centers nationwide, there is one in your area. Get tested for HIV today with this specialized test and know your status. Typical results for HIV RNA are available within 2-4 business days. All laboratory testing, including STD tests, accuracy rates are measured in terms of sensitivity and specificity. Our FDA-approved HIV RNA Early Detection test has a sensitivity rate of 100% and a specificity of 99.83%.

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Does this test use blood or urine? The HIV RNA Early Detection Test is a blood test. A small blood sample will be drawn by our lab technicians to complete the test.
What do I need to do to prepare for the test?
No fasting or preparation is necessary.
When is the right time to take the HIV RNA Early Detection Test?
The HIV RNA Test for Early Detection is conclusive as early as 9-11 days post-exposure. We are the only online STD testing service that provides this FDA-approved HIV RNA Early Detection test. This test looks for the presence of HIV RNA in the plasma of patients. It can detect acute (new) HIV infection without the presence of antibodies (proteins produced by the body to fight against the HIV virus) in the blood, making the RNA test the most sensitive and accurate HIV RNA Early Detection test available on the market today.
What will the test results say?
If your results are negative, HIV was not found. If your results are positive, HIV was found in your bloodstream. If the initial blood test result is positive, a confirmation test will be completed on the same blood sample to confirm the result at no additional cost. A positive result for the HIV virus does not mean that you have AIDS.

Understanding Your HIV Test Results

PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction. These types of tests can be used to determine if HIV genetic material (RNA) is in the sample. The sample blood will be tested for early infections before any antibodies have been produced. 

HIV RNA Test Window Period

These tests determine if the HIV virus is present in the sample collected. There is an extremely short window to detect the virus - roughly 9 days after infection. This test is seldom used for screening because it is one of the most costly tests out there. It is only slightly better than an antigen/antibody test, which is more affordable. Still, this test can be done as a follow-up for a positive HIV test. It can even be used for screening for certain cases, like if someone was recently exposed to HIV and is having symptoms of an early HIV infection.
HIV RNA Test Window Period CDC
An early HIV infection can be detected with an RNA test if administered within 9 to 11 days after exposure. This is the window period to use an RNA test because antibody tests won’t detect HIV yet, as confirmed by the CDC.

When is the right time to take the HIV RNA Early Detection Test?

The CDC’s reports that about 1.2 million people in the United States were living with HIV at the end of 2012, the most recent year for which this information is available. Of those people, about 13%, or 1 in 8, did not know they were infected. Nearly 50,000 new infections are diagnosed every year in the U.S. With such high statistics, it is important to take an HIV RNA Early Detection test. If you have had a recent unprotected sexual encounter, you have been put at risk of contracting HIV and other STDs. Our 10-Test Panel tests for all major STDs including HIV Types 1 & 2. Our clinicians recommend taking the HIV RNA Early Detection Test 9-11 days after possible exposure to HIV.

How accurate is the HIV RNA test at 11 days?

This test is about 95 to 99% accurate within 9-11 days after exposure. 

When is an HIV RNA test conclusive?

The HIV RNA test is determined to be about 99% conclusive after 28 days from time of exposure. The test becomes less accurate 3 months after exposure. This is due to your body making antibodies to fight off the HIV virus. Thus, a detectable amount of the virus in the blood might drop below the detection limit that the RNA test measures.
Confirmation of HIV Tests
HIV testing is highly accurate, unless you receive a false positive. An HIV test measures antibodies of HIV in the sample. These are proteins made by the immune system that are responding to foreign substances, like HIV. What mostly causes false positive results is when the test has detected antibodies, however these antibodies are not ones produced in reaction to HIV. They can be produced in reaction to another type of virus or infection. These tests are made to only respond to HIV antibodies, however, sometimes there are errors.  Sometimes the testing device itself is too subjective. There could be borderline results that need an experienced staff member to interpret. The sample could also be mishandled or mixed up with another patient’s. Or the false positive is the result of a clerical error. Also, people who have received a flu vaccine or are a part of a HIV vaccine study may receive a false positive test result. That’s why it’s so important to go with a trusted name with proven results. Our labs have been handling patients with the utmost accuracy for several decades. Our medical staff is highly trained and ready to take care of your needs. Call us or sign up for your HIV early detection test today. For answers to your questions about HIV RNA testing, call our Care Advisors 24/7 at 1-800-456-2323.
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What happens if you test positive for HIV RNA?

If you test positive for HIV RNA, you are eligible for an over the phone doctor consultation. Our doctors will answer any questions you might have about your results and discuss treatment options available to you at their discretion.

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