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Lump on Testicle

Bumps on Testicles STD

Lumps feel like unusual 3-D masses within the testicle or testicles. When paired with other symptoms like swelling, pain and redness, an infection may be the culprit. If the testicular lump is the only sign present, the cause may be injury, inflammation or a mass formation.

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  • Inguinal hernias occur when a portion of the intestines pushes through a gap or weakened area of tissue that separates the abdomen and inguinal region (groin). These hernias might look like a mass or lump in either the scrotum or higher up in the groin and can cause swelling of the testicles.
  • Testicular cancer presents itself as tumors. These lumps of abnormal testicular tissue can usually be felt in the scrotum, and can occasionally cause pain and/or swelling. It is a rare condition that typically affects younger men, and occurs most often in men ages 15-35.
  • Hydrocele is a condition in which excess fluid accumulates in the space between the layers of the sac that surrounds each testicle. It can cause pain, redness and swelling, and is typically caused by either an injury or infection.
  • Varicoceles are enlarged veins that run alongside the spermatic cord in the scrotum. It is usually a painless condition, but over time it can cause impaired sperm production or, in rare cases, infertility since the widened vein(s) press against the spermatic cord.
  • Spermatoceles – Cysts that form on the epididymis. They are benign fluid-filled sacs that are typically painless unless infected.

Can STD Cause Lump on Testicle?

Because some of these conditions could be very serious, it is critical to go get any testicular lump or lumps checked out by a physician. In the case of testicular cancer, early discovery greatly helps the rate of treatment and ability to cure.

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