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Gonorrhea Test

How we test for Gonorrhea

We use a small urine sample to test for gonorrhea. Our test is the Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT), which is the recommended method for gonorrhea testing. The test looks for the presence of the bacteria that causes gonorrhea, Neisseria gonorrhoeae. If the bacteria is present, then you have an active gonorrhea infection.

All of our STD tests require only a small sample of urine or blood. There is never any uncomfortable swabbing or undressing.

Testing Process
No Urination
At least one hour before arriving at the testing center
5 Minute
Testing process
Sample Required
Small Urine Sample
Ready in 1-2 days
Doctor Consultation
Over the phone, if results are positive

More information about Gonorrhea Testing

Do you test blood or urine?

Our NAAT gonorrhea test is a urine test. We only need a small amount of urine to test for gonorrhea.

How should I prepare for the test?

You should not urinate for at least one hour prior to arriving at the testing center. No other preparation is needed.

What should I expect at the testing center?

You will sign in, and a lab technician will take you to the back. You will be asked to go to the bathroom and produce a urine sample. The sample should be “first catch,” meaning the first 20 - 30 mL of urine. Women should not clean their labia before producing a urine sample.

When should I test for gonorrhea?

If you’re experiencing symptoms, get tested immediately! Gonorrhea may show up on tests as soon as 2 – 6 days after exposure. However, everyone is different, and it’s common to not experience symptoms, so it is highly recommended to test after every potential exposure. To ensure more accurate results, our doctors recommend waiting 2 weeks after potential exposure to get tested.

What will the gonorrhea results look like?

Our gonorrhea results will indicate that you are either “positive” or “negative” for the bacteria. If you receive results that say “positive” or “detected,” that means you have an active gonorrhea infection. If the results say “negative” or “not detected,” that means that the bacteria was not found in your urine and therefore you do not have an active gonorrhea infection.

Can gonorrhea be cured?

Gonorrhea is curable and can be treated with antibiotics. If you test positive, our doctors can prescribe antibiotics after a phone consultation. Be sure to finish the entire round of antibiotics and abstain from any sexual activity for at least one week after finishing the antibiotics. It is also recommended to get retested after the prescribed treatment is complete to ensure that the infection no longer remains.

Keep in mind that it is possible to become reinfected with gonorrhea after receiving treatment.

Do I need gonorrhea testing?

Yes, once you are sexually active, you need to get tested for gonorrhea. If you’re experiencing symptoms, get tested now! If you’re worried but not experiencing symptoms, wait 2 weeks after potential exposure. Untreated gonorrhea can cause severe and permanent health problems.

Should I Test for Other STDs?

Chlamydia and gonorrhea are “co-existing infections,” meaning that having one infection puts you at high risk of having the other. We recommend that you check out our chlamydia and gonorrhea test panel.

If you haven’t been tested for other STDs, we recommend taking our all-inclusive 10 Test Panel, to ensure you’re free of the most common STDs.

If you have any questions about the test, please call our Care Advisors at 1-800-456-2323.

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What happens if you test positive for Gonorrhea?

If you test positive for Gonorrhea, our doctors are available for a phone consultation. They will answer any questions you might have about your test results, discuss available treatments and prescribe medications for your Gonorrhea infection at their discretion. You can also call or chat live with our Care Advisors 24/7.

We are here for you. Call us at 1-888-789-5639
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