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LBGTQ+ Blogs

Here at, we combed the web for the best-of-the-best LGBT blogs and sites. These bloggers are doing what they can to promote equality and inclusivity. Like, share and retweet to spread the word (and the love)!

1. Joe.My.God.

Joe.My.God has been an uber popular, award-winning LGBT blog for more than 10 years. Joe primarily blogs about LGBT news, culture, marriage equality and politics. If you like staying up-to-date with political news, look no further-- Joe sometimes posts as many as seven political articles a day.

2. Raising My Rainbow

Lori Duron is the creative genius behind Raising My Rainbow, a site that features her gender-creative son C.J., as the star of the show. Instead of fretting about the fact that she had a gender nonconforming son, Lori's family chose to embrace C.J. as the unique and fun rainbow that he is. Her posts are extremely versatile and you may find yourself laughing, crying, and deep in thought by the time you finish reading one post. We loved one of her recent witty posts that pointed out the fact that gender reveal parties should be called genitalia reveals since a child's concept of gender doesn't even begin to develop until age three. The way C.J. isn't afraid to be himself and loves the people that fail to see him clearly is extremely inspiring, and spending time on this blog can actually teach everyone about the way we should all do a better job of embracing our true selves and each other. Can't get enough of Raising My Rainbow? Don't worry, Lori Duron also has a book out that you can snag on Amazon!

3. Gay NYC Dad

Gay NYC Dad is a blog written by Mitch, a 58-year-old gay guy that has been married for over 24 years. Mitch has a son in the 8th grade and he originally started blogging to write about the joy of adopting his son at birth but the blog grew to become so much more. Today, Mitch blogs about household products, celebrities, partenting, and has over 49k Twitter followers. Mitch wants to send a message to other parents that raising child with same sex parents is normal and that it's super similar to any other American household.

4. is a resource to help empower and educate lesbian women. This site covers an extensive array of topics-- they blog about fiction, pets, health, money and more. If you like lesbian movies has a running list of dozens of lesbian movies up on their site. You can also catch up on politics and check out community resources and events!

5. The Gay Dad Project

The Gay Dad Project is a blog intended for people to talk openly about their experiences with finding out a parent is LGBT. The site has a number of contributors that post about their own unique experiences with an LGBT parent, and we love the multi-faceted views that can be found on the blog.

6. Adventurous Moms

Adventurous Moms is a blog written by a lesbian couple about their travels and adventures raising four children. Kendra and Jen utilized sperm donors to conceive their four children, so if you are looking to learn more about IUI (intrauterine insemination), this blog is a great resource. From posts about traveling the world to tips for having a successful staycation or how to handle lesbian discrimination at the doctor's office, it is easy to spend hours reading this well-rounded blog.

7. Queer Fat Femme

Bevin Branlandingham is the fun, positive voice behind Queer Fat Femme. She blogs about fat fashion, life, dating, sex, traveling and more. A tone of humble confidence radiates throughout Bevin's posts because she is full of self-love, but also extremely honest in her writing. If you are struggling to love yourself, take notes from Bevin- her positivity is beautifully contagious!

8. 2TravelDads

2TravelDads is a blog written by partners Chris and Rob. They've been together for over 10 years, have two kids, and love to travel. The Huffington Post called them the "world's top male travel bloggers." They have travel posts categorized by National Parks, United States, and International Travel. Their posts are fun, easy to read, and filled with lots of pictures of their adorable family all over the world.

9. The Gay Love Coach

Brian Rzepczynski, DHS, MSW, has been helping gay male couples build strong, healthy relationships for nearly 25 years. Whether you're looking for self-help or couples therapy, Brain (and his blog) can offer you guidance through the tough times. On his site, there are golden nuggets of advice nearly everywhere you look, and many on bettering relationships could easily be applied to straight or lesbian couples as well.

10. Designer Daddy

Brent Almond of Designer Daddy is on an admirable mission to bring visibilty to LGBTQ families. He is conquering this wonderful mission with colorful doodles and by sharing his advertures in parenting his young (and adorable) son. Brent's love of superheroes shines through often in his blog, but we all know HE is a real-life superhero.

11. My Two Mums

The lovely women behind My Two Mums, Kirsty and Clara, are fighting the good fight of making LGBT families a norm to the world with stunning photographs and fun stories of their family's life. The love they share oozes from the site, and it is undeniable that they are increasing visibility for LGBTQ families. Their sweet son knows all families are normal, and that there really is nothing abnormal about his family.

12. Raising A Go Girl

Allison Kenny knows deep down that she is perfect just as she is, but sometimes she doubts this. Everyone can learn a thing or twelve from Allison on self-care and self-love. She boldly shares her vulnerabilities and courageous mom moments on Raising A Go Girl, her blog about parenting her adopted special needs daughter with her wife, Lynn.

13. Our Queer Stories

Our Queer Stories is so raw and so real. It is brimming with personal stories and actual experiences members of the LGBTQ community have faced. Each incident, ordeal, event or happening (whether good, bad or otherwise) is almost like stumbling into someone's journal that was left out and exposed. Good luck not getting totally sucked into this blog the way we did.

14. Lez Backpack

After spending three years abroad, Melissa Langley started a fun-loving travel blog about her experiences. Melissa handles all of the writing for Lez Backpack and dubs herself a "lesbian enthusiast". Her blogs radiate female empowerment because she posts about topics that can help women feel more comfortable. Don't forget to check out her posts on LGBT-friendly travel destinations.

15. LGBT HealthLink

LGBT HealthLink aims to educate the LGBT community about best practices in the health world in order reduce tobacco use and ultimately lower cancer rates. They have a number of free resources up on their site to help equip people with all the knowledge they need to quit smoking. We love their infographic about the fact that tobacco use is 50% higher among LGBT adults and 310% higher among homeless adults because it proves that vulnerable people may be more susceptible to tobacco use. Follow the LGBT HealthLink blog to stay up-to-date with LGBT health news, and know that if you have struggled to quit smoking, you are not alone.

16. Global Faith and Justice Project

Michael Adee started the Global Faith and Justice Project to help be a voice for LGBT people being persecuted all over the world. It is illegal to be gay in 78 countries and 7 countries can use the death penalty for being gay. We like this blog's global approach to educating people about the fight for LGBT rights, but we wish he'd post more often because we can't get enough of his blog.

17. En|Gender

Helen Boyd is the author of "My Husband Betty", a book about how her husband Betty Crow transitioned into a female while they were married. Helen Boyd started En|Gender as a platform for speaking openly about trans issues. She is absolutely helping gain visibility to this (until recently) lesser touched upon portion of the LGBTQ community.

18. Mombian

Mombian was founded in 2005 with the intention of being an all-inclusive resource for LGBT parents. It was started by Dana Rudolph who has been featured in countless publications including the Huffington Post, The Washingnton Post, and South Florida Gay News. Dana has been married for 24 years and has a 13-year-old son. In 2006, Dana also founded the annual "Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day" which hundreds of bloggers have supported over the years. She blogs about political LGBT news, LGBT book reviews and LGBT parenting.

19. My Kid Is Gay

My Kid Is Gay is a website filled with videos, advice, and touching stories aimed at helping guardians understand LGBT youth. Whether you are a parent, caregiver, or teacher, My Kid Is Gay has the resources to help you achieve greater understanding of LGBT youth. The site has sections on how to approach gender, school, and work obstacles that LGBT young people may encounter. They also have a section dedicated to explaining common LGBT terminology. If by chance you need advice for something you can't find on the site, they have an ask a question form you can fill out.

20. Qwear

The Qwear website seeks to bring the beauty and expression of queer identities to light. The definition of the word queer can be interpreted in many ways, but we like the way one author put it, "Being queer means believing that everyone has the right to be themselves and express themselves without being judged or hated because that doesn’t fit in with what’s normal." The picture-heavy layout of the Qwear site makes it fun to scroll through post after post of eye-catching fashion pieces. Their index allows users to easily sift through dozens of clothing themes ranging from accessories to crop tops to drag.

21. BGD Blog

BGD is a site dedicated to representing queer and trans people of color. What's unique about BGD? They are a non-profit and they are entirely reader-funded. The BGD Blog has had posts from 300 different writers and the blog has a readership of over 7 million readers. BGD is fighting for equality in so many honorable ways!

22. Outsports

Want to hear from a lesbian athlete that has won two NCAA track titles? Want to see a list of 32 LGBT college athletes that have won conference titles? Outsports is the online publication for you! The Outsports website highlights both the struggles and victories of LGBT athletes. Reading about all the strides members of the LGBT community are making in the sports world can be downright inspiring even if you are not an athlete. We have a lot of respect for the LGBT athletes showcased on Outsports that look adversity in the eye and keep on running (pun intended).

23. Out & Equal

Out & Equal is a website dedicated to achieving workplace equality for all members of the LGBT community. Their Advocates team up with prominent companies and government agencies in order to help teach organizations how to create an inclusive work culture. They hold an annual conference called the OE Summit which features workshops like "20 Steps To An Out & Equal Workplace". They've helped bring inclusitiy to renowned companies, including Dell, Toyota, Exxon, and Apple.

24. Autostraddle

Autostraddle is the world's most popular lesbian blog with nearly 4 million pageviews a month. Riese Bernard and Alex Vega originally started the site as a blog dedicated to The L Word (a popular lesbian TV show), but it grew to become the most popular lesbian syndication. Autostraddle has expanded the type of articles it posts and the site now covers a wide range of LGBT topics. Browse topics like TV, sex, politics, community, advice and much more. You can even browse the site by "Identities" and find articles on feminism, gender and religion.


Members of the LGBT community are persecuted all over the world and creating positive LGBT awareness is a global issue. We love The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association website because it aims to connect LGBT travelers with businesses that support them all over the world. Choose from one of the 80+ countries on the site, and a list of LGBT-friendly businesses in that area will populate. Pro-tip: They regularly post to Facebook with news on which businesses now support the LGBT community.

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