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The Loud and Proud – The Top 25 LGBT Blogs

Stdcheck.com has scouted the web for the most impactful and superb LGBT bloggers of 2014. Peruse through this list and help spread awareness: like, retweet, and share!

1. Joe My God

The award winning blog, Joe My God, is amongst the most popular and reputable LGBT weblogs to exist. Created by Joe Jarvis, this website is dedicated to providing all gay-related breaking news, politics, short stories, music, and pop culture. More so, this credible blogger share updates on influential events and government regulations that affect the LGBT community. Including a post like “Trans Rights are Human Rights,” Jarvis shows that people are equal and deserve to be treated as such. With a huge following and great fan base, Joe My God is a leading resource for many all over the globe.

2. Mombian

With focuses on parenting and politics, Mombian is a lifestyle website for lesbian moms and other LGBT moms. Dana Rudolph, the author and brains behind this resourceful online destination, provides the perfect blend of practical information and news for LGBT parents and families. With topics that include parenting tips, LGBT culture, and great commentary from the viewpoints of lesbian moms, this awe-inspiring blog is a good read. All accompanying articles like “Let’s Meet in D.C” and “A Winning Week for Fairness” are extremely beneficial and valuable, making an impact on readers’ everywhere- lesbian or non-lesbian. 

3. Gay Dad NYC

Mitch’s blog, Gay Dad NYC, is killing it with sweetness and cuteness. With adorable vlogs (assisted by his 10 year old son) to relatable parenting stories, Mitch, aka Daddy Mitch, has one of the most entertaining, yet helpful blogs in the blogosphere. From a long list of posts like “Gay Dads Over React” and “Holding Hands With Your Kid – How I make My Son Feel Secure,” this NYC parent blogger shares his most intimate feelings while connecting with his readers. This award winning blog is also very interactive: featuring product reviews, giveaways and cool contest where parents have the opportunity to win children’s toys, gift cards, and etc. In addition, as a social media maven with thousands of Twitter and Facebook followers, Gay Dad NYC is not only credible, but inspiring, reppin’ for all the sweet, caring, and involved fathers on the planet! 

4. Card Carrying Lesbian

Card Carrying Lesbian is a blog devoted to all things lesbianic. Owner and creative visionary, Sasha Lotrian, deems CCL as a blog where you can find advice on love and dating, if you’re thinking of “coming out” about your sexuality, or if you just want to read entertaining stories in your leisure time. This lesbian guru also share personal experiences in the “My Adventures” section of her blog with posts that features chronicles of “Girl Zero,” which in a nut-shell are stories about hot, steamy relations- sexy right? Well, not only does Sasha share juicy stories, she and her contributors have created a safe haven where fellow lesbians can share their experiences and learn from each other. What more can a girl ask for?

5. Dorothy Surrenders

Author, Dorothy Snarker’s blog, Dorothy Surrenders, is less of a blog and more of a watch dog for entertainment news addicts around the globe. As a pop culture maven, Snarker is dedicated in bringing perspective to current pop culture events. By keeping you informed with the latest news on movies, TV shows, celebrities and more, Dorothy Surrenders is certainly the go-to-spot if you’re surfing the web for a news fix.

6. TransGriot

Award winning LGBT activist Monica Roberts, has a lot to say, but the most important thing about her blog, TransGriot, is that it transcends gender. As a proud African- American transwoman, Roberts specifically focuses on news related to the LGBT community- aside from a little creative writing - but what you’ll quickly notice when you start reading her blog is that there is more than enough substance in that one particular topic to account for one of the most enticing blogs you’ll find anywhere.

7. Tranifesto

Matt Kailey’s blog, Tranifesto, is engaging, educational, and sometimes funny. Full of grace and compassion, this site provides informative facts, news, advice, and opinions on transsexual and transgender issues from a personal aspect. As a transsexual male who transitioned from female, I’d consider his advice words of wisdom. Plus, Kailey has provided a safe place for the transgender community to have their questions answered. With post like “Ask Matt: Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation Confusions” and “Ask Matt: Coming Out – to a Fiancée’s Parents and to New Date,” Kailey proves himself as a community activist and supporter.

8. Alfred Lives Here

Alfred Lives Here is not your typical gay blog. Named after his 5 year old Havanese dog Alfred, this canine loving blogger features the most adorable pictures of his cute pooch and a lot of random thoughts that are full of raw opinions. As you read this awesome blog, you’ll discover topics on pop culture, significant gay opinions, and political rants. He also shares intriguing quotes. Alfred Lives Here is one of the first sites you should visit if you’re scoping the Internet for gay-related news or just pure entertaining posts. Do not miss out!

9. Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents

Sue is the founder and editor-in-chief of Pittsburgh number one LGBTQ blog, Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents. This site is full of entertaining and thought-provoking content that will keep you going back for more and more. Keystone Alliance Gaylife Newsletter rated this the “2013 Favorite GLBT Social Media” blog, and it’s quite obvious why: Sue, along with her contributing writers, are some of the best writers on LGBT issues in any medium.

10. Wicked Gay Blog

Articles on gay adoption, gay marriage ban, and Russia’s anti-gay laws are just a few subjects that are discussed on the self-governing blog, Wicked Gay Blog. David, a Boston author, sure know what’s news worthy. With a wide-range of gay lifestyle topics from gay politics to sex, the Wicked Gay Blog is wickedly interesting, engaging, and uncut.  

11. Homorazzi

Founded by Donovan Pagtakhan and Patrick Levesque, Homorazzi is a rare and exclusive blog that has one of the most independent news sources in cyber-space. With interesting sections like “Totally Gay,” this blog is a one-stop-shop, covering topics associated with gay culture, celebrity gossip and news, fashion trends, movie reviews, and even TV recaps- you name it, and they’ve got it. Full of wit and charisma, the cast (contributing writers) at Homorazzi express their opinions while balancing confidence and humility. These guys are totally relatable, so get to know them and get inspired as they use Homorazzi as their voice to reach out to the world.

12. The New Civil Rights Movement

The New Civil Rights Movement is one of the most active gay news sites on the internet. David Badash, the founder and editor-in-chief, has noted this website a journal of news and opinions on gay rights and marriage equality. They’re also well connected: their website features regular contributions from talented and smart writers. Furthermore, with over a hundred-thousand Facebook followers, it’s evident that The New Civil Rights Movement has a well-respected voice on civil and rights and gay politics. This website is definitely a must read, not to mention it’s easy to navigate through. Every interesting gay news story from mainstream news outlets are posted all in one place for easy access.

13. Queerty

If you ever wanted to read a stockpile of stories that are trending in the U.S, then Queerty is the site for you. As one of the best gay news websites on the world-wide net, this top-notch online destination is a great source for any news junkie. Queerty broadcast topics related to entertainment and media, gay culture tidbits, sexual health, sports, fashion, and of course current headlines that are hot off the press. With serious posts like “New Polls Show More Marriage Support than Ever” and funny post like “Street Fighter Just Got a Hell of A Lot Gayer,” Queerty – no ifs ands or buts - is a site you’d want to bookmark. 

14. The Fab Femme

Aryka Randall is not playing around with her blog The Fab Femme. Her twitter bio says that blogging is her passion and the well-curated, finger-on-the-pulse content that’s showcased on her blog, proves her case. Randall covers everything from legislation affecting the LGBT community to pop culture tidbits. In addition, she covers interviews with intriguing and inspiring people, and LGBT events which are featured on the site and in YouTube vlogs. This is definitely a name you’ll be hearing more of in the future.

15. Cherry Grrl

Noted as an online magazine that spotlights stories about lesbian entertainment, news and culture, Cherry Grrl represents the lesbian community like no other. With an intelligent panel of contributing writers, this well-designed and magnetic blog is an excellent source for gay ladies everywhere. More importantly, Cherry Grrl has garnered a lot of acknowledgement around the web as they bring light to lesbian projects by virtue of interviews, videos, and reviews. Cherry Grrl promotes and features rising comedians, actresses, screenwriters, producers, activist, and artist working as openly gay women. Their support is undeniably commendable. 

16. The Gay Dad Project

The Gay Dad Project is about families with one gay parent and one straight parent. Not only is it a sounding board for everyone to share their personal stories when a parent comes out of the closet, but the purpose is to also link other kids and families together who are in the same boat. Between, what better way to cope with heavy-hitting issues then to share it with someone who is going through the exact same thing?  Co-founders of The Gay Day Project, Annie Shea and Erin Margolin, are individuals who have experienced these very issues in their own families, so they want to unite with and help others.  

17. Girl 2 Girl

Girl 2 Girl is the reigning don of all lesbian sex blogs in the blogosphere. As you read this racy blog, you’ll find it very inviting as categories like “Lesbian 101” and “Stimulation” captures your attention with mind-grabbing, erotic content. On the contrary, Girl 2 Girl is not all about lesbian sex. There are informative topics on safer sex, emotional safety, how to use latex barriers, and topics on how to prevent and rid sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Ultimately this blog is very educational. Whether you need tips on how to please a woman during sex, or if you simply need information regarding sexual health, Girl 2 Girl is an excellent resource for you.

18. Kenneth in the 212

Kenneth in the 212 is a super unique weblog that is comprised of an array of subject matters. Manhattan writer and author Kenneth Walsh, addresses issues regarding LGBT concerns, media, tennis, and books, while creating an interactive community for his readers. Kenneth in the 212 is committed in showcasing LGBT activism. 

19. Butch in Progress

Butch in Progress is one of those gay blogs that you’ll find yourself checking a few times a day just in case something new has been posted. Created by two girls that goes by the names, B and K, this blog is a combination and reflection of their personalities. With vintage photos like Gloria Swanson in The Humming Bird, art, music, and film, Butch in Progress brings together various topics in a way that no other blog can. This blog is definitely one of a kind. 

20. Towleroad

Created by Andy Towle in 2003, Towleroad, is one of the most well-known, gay blogs on the net- bar-none! With a stream of post ranging from gay politics to pop culture, this blog is always on trend with the latest gay news stories. Including funny, mesmerizing video posts like “RuPaul’s Geronimo Music Video” Towleroad is very captivating. Also highlighting cool stuff like: fashion, music, gay culture, and travel, Andy has created the ultimate experience for his readers. Whether you are looking for an entertaining post to read or an article of substance, Towleroad is the site for you.

21. BosGuy

What started as a way to journal his personal thoughts on how he viewed the world, has morphed into an impressive hobby in what the author calls BosGuy. BosGuy is an eye-catching blog created by a gay, urban professional from Boston, Massachusetts. From an ongoing list of stories about pop culture, politics, food, and much more, this blog chronicles the things many love to read. There are no boring stories ranting about non-sense. There are titles like “Federal Judge Strikes Down Virginia’s Marriage Ban,” and post that are interesting and conversation worthy.

22. Gaytwogether

Covering what’s happening in the LGBT universe, Gaytogether is one of the top gay news blogs around. Featuring current and relevant news, gay lifestyle content, romance, love, and come-hither pictures, this blog is definitely one-of-a-kind. Speaking of sexy optics - yes, I said optics – there is a section named “The Very Thought of Him” that showcases everyone’s fantasy guy- I mean sizzling hot guys. Now aside from the attractive stuff, Gaytwogether also dish out tons of advice about gay relationships, helping individuals and couples maintain healthy and successful unions.

23. Greg in Hollywood

If you are looking for scoop on Hollywood events, entertainment, LGBT and political news, then Greg Hernandez’s blog, Greg in Hollywood, is a great choice for you. Hernandez is a longtime journalist who enjoys sharing his point of view on various subject matters. With high quality content like “Businesses, LGBT activists react to Arizona governor’s veto of anti-gay bill,” you’ll quickly discover that this site is one to add to your list. Hernandez is recognized as a great supporter in the LGBT community so you will not be disappointed. 

24. Out Left

GLBTQ advocate Kyle Leach uses his blog, Out Left, essentially for bureaucratic and social commentary, and as a resource for news. With post on gay erotica, poetry, and gardening, Out Left is one of the most worthwhile blogs of any kind that you are likely to find elsewhere. It’s impossible to read this blog and not learn something valuable.