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Here at, we combed the web for the most informative, funniest and sexiest blogs and sites of 2017. Like, share and retweet to spread the word!

1. A Girl Like Me - The Well Project

“A Girl Like Me” is an outstanding blog of The Well Project that is helping to rid the stigma of living with HIV while being a safe place of understanding for girls and women who are HIV-positive. Not only is “A Girl Like Me” a wonderful resource and community of worldwide support for HIV-positive girls, but it is an educational and inspirational read for many as well.

2. Toyboy Warehouse

Toyboy Warehouse is a niche where cougars and men interested in dating older women meet online. Naturally, the blog is tailored to these two groups, but a handful of posts are still applicable to any relationship regardless of its dynamics.

3. The STD Project

Most blogs dedicated to living with an STD deal with HIV and the stigma surrounding the virus. It isn't often that people talk about the effects of other STDs on your quality of life, but that's exactly what The STD Project is all about. Jennelle uses her own experiences with having herpes for the past 15 years- and her blog- as a means of spreading the word that STDs do not have to hold you back in life. She has accomplished a lot since becoming herpes-positive, so her life is the perfect example of the importance of maintaining good sexual health and how you can live a fulfilling life, regardless of your STD status.

4. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish’s blog is a treasure trove of dating advice. Many posts on their blog have something to do with online dating since that is their platform, but the content is good for anyone dating or looking to start dating. Check out their blog for tips on the best date spots, questions or information not to spill on the first date, and how to get over any fears of online dating.

5. Single Black Male

The point of view of Single Black Male, unsurprisingly, is most often that of a black man, but the content touches on universal dating experiences regardless of skin color or gender. “10 Silly but Relevant Deal Breakers for Relationships” is applicable to everyone-- having an AOL email address or smelling funny is always going to be a no-no. “How to Turn Her On,” “What I Hate About Being Married,” and “Ten Things To Remember About Love” are must-reads and in general, this blog is a great way to hear from an marginalized voice in the blogosphere.

6. Jessa Zimmerman

“The space between who you are and who you want to be” is the kind of thing every dating blog should have among their list of posts. Jessa Zimmerman gets it. Her posts don’t just focus on how to find a partner. The real spotlight shines on how to maintain a healthy relationship, starting with truly knowing yourself. Posts that get to the heart of issues that real couples face, such as “What it takes to be a good listener” and “Building real trust in a relationship” make her blog a great destination for people looking to nurture love in their relationship. The guidance Zimmerman doles out makes it clear that she is a therapist. Her advice is spot-on and her viewpoint isn’t biased by her own love life.

7. Fieldwork in Stilettos

Birth control. Sister Wives. Online dating. The rules for dating a British guy. Kat Richter writes about all of these things on Fieldwork in Stilettos, plus pretty much anything that is on her mind or going on in her life. Her blog is part-scientific journal and part-diary, full of cultural observations (such as how the less-than-attractive husband on Sister Wives got not one, but four women to marry him) and personal recollections and updates about her own dating life. The relatable posts come together to form a snapshot of a girl who’s kind of got it together, but the real fun is in following along as she figures life out for herself.

8. The Dating Directory

Renee Slansky gives a practical romantic in today’s world who distributes advice on life and love to women. If you’re not looking for an all out coaching session yet, check out her categories-- there’s something for everyone with sections like “Quick Advice”, and topics on dating after divorcing, or when you have children, or are in your 40s. Let Renee help steer your love life in the right direction.

9. Love Victory

Dr. LeslieBeth of Love Victory counsels individuals on finding happiness in life, love and work. She preaches trusting your judgment and intuition, and not dismissing (or misreading) signals and signs. Her blog is riddled with wonderfully interesting posts; we’re especially fond of the articles with advice for women who are successful in their careers, but not in their relationships.

10. Love Hate Sex Cake

Probably (read: DEFINITELY) not safe for work. She calls herself “Minx” and she very freely spills her sensual side to the internet on LHSC. You’ll discover a rousing slippage into a rabbit hole of the Minx’s feminine erotic stories, sultry self portrait photographs and musings on desire.

11. Cupid's Cronies

Cupid’s Cronies, a matchmaking service, has dating advice sections tailored specifically to either ladies and gentlemen on their site. They offer great tips on “break-up proofing” your relationship, signs of cheating and input on how to better your online dating profile.

12. Dateless in Dallas

Bella Ramos isn’t quite as dateless as the title of her blog suggests (it was a play on Sleepless in Seattle). Being a single gal in Dallas suits Ramos, for now, and her posts reflect her commitment to never settling when it comes to love. She recounts the stories of her love life like battle hymns, admitting and dissecting the difficulties she faced letting go of her ex and moving on. She lets her readers get closer to her than a lot of her IRL friends, so it’s touching to watch her come into her own and be part of that journey as a spectator. She uses her experiences to tell her true dating stories, letting her readers benefit from her mistakes and share in her triumphs. As you read her posts, it feels like you’re listening to stories and getting advice from one of your best friends.

13. Sarah Sloane

Sarah Sloane is fearless in the way everyone wants to be. She teaches way more than just sex ed-- from BDSM and alternative sexual styles and relationship types, to all sorts of kink. We love that she also discusses sexual health and all about STIs. Check out her articles and learn a thing or 12.

14. Crista Anne

The search for orgasm and real life talk about depression. Crista Anne is revolutionizing the way we talk about depression and mental health-- by cutting out the stigma. After losing the ability to orgasm as a side effect of an anti-depressant, Crista Anne started upon an #OrgasmQuest and it went viral. She is a delightful rainbow that is making it known that it’s appropriate and to talk about these things and you shouldn’t be ashamed!

15. Joann Cohen

Joann Cohen, dating coach and matchmaker, has a great blog that centers around dating and finding love that is right for you. Her posts offer advice on confidence, chemistry, and discovering whether or not you are ready for a relationship.

16. Evan Marc Katz

Evan is a dating coach for women. Why women? Because “Men need more help. Women ask for more help.” Evan gives insight into how men think so that you can help better your relationship. He explains men, and how to avoid (or leave) the bad apples and keep the good ones.

17. The Ins and Outs with Erika Lynae

We love Erika Lynae’s blog “The Ins and Outs with Erika Lynae” and her sex education guides, especially the ones about lube, sex toys and disability, and contraception. We certainly appreciate that some of her posts include information on biology, safer sex and even STI status. Check this gal out!

18. Rebel's Notes

Marie Rebelle’s blog is NSFW-- as she describes it, if you find it you’ll be “looking at naked images and reading sexy words.” Marie’s a blogger and author who writes erotica typically from her kinky, submissive perspective; her style is honest and vulnerable. As with most other sex bloggers, Marie touches bases on many non-sex related topics, peppering them into her blog’s lineup.

19. Dr. Wendy Walsh

This doctor of psychology spills all the beans on the science of love in her blog. Learn about your own relationship attachment style, the “infidelity” gene, DNA dating, and what Wendy calls “the art of forgiveness”. She covers physiological and psychological aspects of love and relationships that no one else seems to touch on all in one place!

20. Lesbians and Dating

It’s difficult enough to find a good dating blog when you’re heterosexual, but when you’re a lesbian, finding blogs that talk about the same issues you face is almost impossible. With stories that don’t always make it to the forefront of the news cycle, special events in the LGBT community, contests and giveaways, sex toy reviews, and dating advice, Lesbians and Dating fills that void quite nicely. Sex is awesome no matter who’s having it, so there’s no reason for any group to be without a voice in the blogosphere.

21. Love In 90 Days

From dating and relationship advice for both men and women to her “Dating Dilemmas of Successful Women” series on her blog, Dr. Diana Kirschner has the tools you need to find Mr. or Mrs. Right or better your relationship. See how she can help change your love life, all in 90 days (or less)!

22. Thoughts On Life & Love

Mandy is a cognitive behavioral therapist who writes about life and love in her blog “Thoughts on Life & Love”. She does so with personal insight into into health conditions like anxiety and depression. Some of her top posts cover topics like intimidation, identifying manipulative behavior, and having a significant other who makes you feel like you are crazy-- all of which are great reads!

23. Dirty in Public

Dirty in Public is the ultimate blog for the unapologetic women of the world. Marrie, the author, is a mom but her writing touches on the universal issues and truths that everyone interested in dating, relationships, or sex can relate to. Whether she’s writing about an unintentional drought in her sex life due to illness, finding confidence without turning to the media’s standard of beauty, or using her own tough times to highlight the bigger truths about staying with someone forever, she always writes with an openness that is both refreshing and reassuring.

24. Walker Thornton

Walker Thornton is more than qualified to write about midlife sexuality-- she has a Master’s in educational psychology, has been the executive director of more than one nonprofit, worked with women in times of crisis and is a mother and grandmother. Walker discusses sexuality and sexual health for women in their midlives, and covers relationships, self care and aging in her posts.

25. Mark S. King

Mark’s fabulous blog, “My Fabulous Disease”, lets readers gain some of his perspective on living with HIV from his brilliant point-of-view. He is an HIV and AIDS advocate who exposes racism as well as political problems facing the gay community. He writes on what is important and current, like PrEP, stigma, being undetectable, and social injustices, but Mark also writes about the past of his experience with HIV during its epidemic years. His blog has been awarded numerous times for all of these reasons; check this internet goldmine out!

26. Cupid Blogger

Cupid Blogger has something for everyone. From tips for nurturing your relationship to ways for guys to flirt with girls and vice versa, no gender or sexual orientation is left out. Dating, love, marriage, and relationships all get their own category, with posts about big and small issues that plague each one. In addition to love and sex advice, Cupid Blogger focuses on personal happiness, too. A well-rounded blog helps create a well-rounded reader.

27. Role Reboot

Role Reboot is shaking things up in a really refreshing way. They are trying to overcome the idea of norms by rallying behind a “no normal” stance. They are a group of super diverse, sex-positive writers who cover culture topics as well as sex and relationships. They want you to be empowered as you are, no matter who you are.

28. Impact Magazine

Many people think that homosexuality and Christianity are opposing forces, but Impact Magazine begs to differ. There aren’t very many outlets for gay Christians to express themselves, so this online magazine is serving an extremely important function in the blogosphere. The magazine is released monthly, but new articles pop up on the blog regularly and cover topics relevant to love, sex, and dating, such as “How to Avoid Finding the Wrong Person Online,” “Relationship Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me,” and “Dating and Finding ‘The One’.” (Bonus points for having articles about STDs!) Educational and emotionally enriching articles mingle with personal stories from contributing writers to form a thoughtful magazine with a purpose.

29. Dating A Sociopath

Think you’re dating a sociopath? Need help digging yourself out of all the deception and manipulation? Check out “Dating A Sociopath”! This easy-to-read blog delves into topics like sociopath character traits, convulsive lying, lack of empathy, guilt, remorse or shame, as well as how to heal after leaving a relationship with a sociopath.

30. Suzie The Single Dating Diva

Suzie is a dating expert. She dates and helps other date, and has fun doing it! She knows dating doesn't have to be boring, and she tells you how to make it a fun rather than daunting part of your life. Whether your just dating casually or dating while looking for "the one", Suzie has covered topics on her blog for everyone. She helps you get through the tough patches of being single with grace and a smile, and shows you all the wonderful things about both being single or dating.

31. Last First Date

Sandy is an online dating coach and mentor who blogs about dating and finding love again after divorce or a break up, especially for individuals in their midlife. She offers audience appropriate posts, like tips for creating and improving online dating profiles, texting advice for mature daters, and addresses questions users send her.

32. Sex with Emily

Dr. Emily Morse offers grand insight into sexual situations-- reading her input is like comfortably talking with your bestie on the couch. Sometimes she answers readers’ questions in a “Dear Emily” format and other times she gives her opinions without being prompted by questions. Emily’s posts are all-encompassing in terms of sex topics, from breaking the habit of faking orgasms, afterplay, to being comfortable with oral sex.

33. Cammies on The Floor

Another NSFW blog, but, hey, this IS the Top 100 Sex, Lust and Love blogs and sites for a reason. Cammies on the Floor is written by M, and yowza, it is rather hot and steamy in her blog. She explores various kinks and writes about her explorations, especially her journey with bondage.

34. My Pixie Blog

Charlotte of “My Pixie Blog” writes about life and love in a relatable and easy way. She touches on anxiety from here and there, and has many blog posts that make you feel like your best friend is chatting with you (or to you, really). She talks about past relationships that ended, dating trials and tribulations, and her current longstanding relationship.

35. Strengthening Marriage

Laura Brotherson of “Strengthening Marriage” fills her blog with ways that married couples can not only keep intimacy alive, but to also help grow their intimacy. She is also the author of two books: “And They Were Not Ashamed — Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment” and “Knowing HER Intimately: 12 Keys for Creating a Sextraordinary Marriage.”

36. Boundless

The Boundless’ blog has wonderful posts in terms of love, marriage and dating. Boundless’ posts are written with young Christian adults in mind, but are filled with good advice and comfort for all. They also have numerous posts on being single. Check it out!

37. TheHopeLine

TheHopeLine® covers all of life’s hard times and topics-- From abuse to bullying, death to PTSD, relationships and depression-- and brings hope back into focus. Their blog is a wealth of helpful information and they offer a live chat service in case you need help. This site is like a teen’s or young adult’s personal nonjudgmental counselor.

38. Sexy Single Mommy

Ty Knighten is a single mom, but she doesn’t blog about how sad she is about it. She’s too busy living her life, learning from her experiences, and blogging about it to complain. Between interviewing a “married cheater,” creating a sexual “bucket list” for women, and writing hard-hitting posts about why some men don’t want sex, Ty is creating an online community where nothing is off-limits. She isn’t a therapist; she’s just a woman who’s been through a lot and wants to share her experiences and insights and, above all, keep it real.

39. Sexational!

While Caitlin of Sexational! backed off blogging a bit in the past year, their content is still top notch. Caitlin posts an occasional product review, gives input on important feminism matters, and blogs about various personal topics. We hope everyone reads “Vulva, Not Vagina” for an accuracy lesson STAT.

40. The Mama Sutra

Lanae of The Mama Sutra is real-- she tells things like it is. She isn’t harsh (unless it’s necessary), but she is matter-of-fact. She makes talking about sex a normal thing to talk about, even to her daughters, rather than a hush-hush, taboo topic. Lanae covers topics like body-positivity, gender, parenting, relationships and, of course, sex to help educate parents as well as teach young people to become sexually healthy adults.

41. The Intellectual Homosexual

Lucas Brooks is more than a blogger. As a sex educator, blogger, activist, sex toy-peddler, and burlesque performer, he has a uniquely uninhibited viewpoint that manages to simultaneously push buttons, yet make taboo subjects less off-limits. The confidence that Lucas exudes with himself and his sexuality is enviable and certainly makes his blog worth reading. For anyone, gay or straight, looking for a way to become more comfortable with their own sexuality, The Intellectual Homosexual offers encouragement, appreciation, and knowledge.

42. Dating Advice from a Girl

Midori, the blogstress behind Dating Advice from a Girl, thinks of herself as a “traditional” woman: she believes that the man should pursue the woman, she believes in conventional masculine and feminine gender roles, and she thinks a man should ask a woman’s father for permission before proposing. It makes sense, then, that her posts offer traditional dating, love and sex advice. While her advice may be traditional, it’s never boring thanks to her more modern stances on casual dating (she’s all for it!), having it all (she believes in it!) and enjoying the experience of dating instead of looking for a spouse (she recommends it!). The intersection of modern and traditional is a great place to be and Midori Lei is the perfect tour guide if you’re trying to find your way there.

43. 30 Ever After

Iona coaches single women, but has content specific to all relationship statuses: Single, in a relationship, and it’s complicated. She offers course and coaching, and loads of great dating and relationship tidbits. She didn’t let a breakup wear her down, and neither should you! Her “Self Love” section is seriously inspiring; honestly, just check out all of her site-- No matter where you are relationship-wise in life. It’s all golden.

44. Love Systems

Love Systems is a massive online dating resource for guys. Think of it as your go-to dating coach or personal wingman. They cover talking to girls, tips to making relationships work, and other seemingly endless dating advice. Need a good pickup liner or help on what to do if you’re single on Valentine’s Day? They’ve got you more than covered.

45. A Blog About Love

Mara and her husband Danny have seen their fair share of trial and tribulations, both separately and as a married couple. What makes them different is their unbridled commitment to happiness. Rather than allow themselves to get bogged down by the curveballs life throws at them, they made a decision to live differently- happily. Mara decided to move on after her divorce and dedicate herself to sharing the knowledge she had about finding happiness. She and Danny share a commitment to help and uplift other people who find themselves buckling under the weight of life. They created A Blog About Love to share their life and relationship with their readers, reach out to others, and start conversations that could lead others to the same epiphany they had: “surviving is no way to live.”

46. Notes From the Dating Trenches

Kelly Seal’s blog, "Notes From the Dating Trenches", reads less like the typical chronicle of dating shenanigans and more like a collection of helpful hints for the single and dating crowd. Posts include recommendations for how to successfully vacation solo, tips to help spruce up your online dating profile, a recurring feature called Date Deal Friday that shares giveaways and discounts for money-saving daters, and a variety of guest posts. The blog is a community for daters that seems like it would actually help you find love, rather than just give you an outlet for your dating frustrations. Sometimes you want a little bit of humor to help you get through the rough patches and sometimes you want to get back out there with confidence. That’s where Notes from the Dating Trenches comes in.

47. Cara Sutra

Cara Sutra has a nice resume in sex-related writing-- from advice to copywriting for the adult industry, to sex toy product reviews and erotica, she does it all. Thus, Cara Sutra falls into all three of our list’s topics, and does so deliciously well. Dive into her blog, there is something there to please everyone.

48. I Am Divorced Not Dead

After dealing with the hardships of a divorce that included cheating, Delaine Moore decided to turn her heartbreak into an opportunity to help others. Authoring a memoir (The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom), starting her blog I Am Divorced Not Dead, and partnering with a relationship expert are just some of the steps she took along the way to becoming a relationship coach and speaker. Her posts on the signs of cheating, the reality of S&M relationships (not the Fifty Shades of Grey version), and accepting the differences between married life and divorced life are just some of the great content that makes I Am Divorced Not Dead a must-visit site for those looking to get back in the dating game after divorce.

49. Blog With Benefits

Jessica Druck is funny. Her blog, Blog With Benefits, is funny. She’s like the snarky chick everyone- male and female- needs as a best friend. The “Never Trust A Girl/Guy Who..” archive is full of the kind of wisdom you typically only get when a little bit of alcohol is involved to encourage extra honesty. Her “Break Ups” posts are exactly what the perfect best friend would tell you- you will meet someone new, life will go on, you’re awesome. Her “Love Stories” posts manage to simultaneously keep it real and offer hope that there is love to be had out there. (Isn’t that the secret, optimistic hope of everyone reading a dating blog?) Hip, honest, and hilarious.

50. Slantist

“Slantist is what your newspaper would look like if it had a sex section,” says the description that greets you on the About page of Slantist. This description is so apt that it warrants repeating. AV Flox, the “editrix” of Slantist, and her staff do, indeed, produce journalistic pieces on topics like sex workers rights, the political war on women, and the relationship between religion and sex. There are also posts about sex toys and the weirdest Google searches. It is a truly well-rounded blog.

51. Baggage Reclaim

Natalie of "Baggage Reclaim" has no time for unavailable individuals, and neither should you! She’s all about living and loving with confidence and self-esteem, and teaching others this positive lifestyle while getting rid of or over baggage from past relationships gone wrong. Her blog posts and podcasts speak truth, so listen with open ears!

52. The Frisky Fairy

Rebecca, better known as The Frisky Fairy, teaches sex ed, hosts sex-related workshops, and occasionally reviews various sex-related products: books, toys, etc. She is a very body-positive, sexy individual. Every now and again she discusses mental health as well. She’s real, and we love her unapologetic, honest writing style and think you will, too!

53. MidLove Crisis

Kristen Crockett has created something truly unique with her blog MidLove Crisis. After seeing the unhealthy relationships and frequency of divorce among her friends, she decided to create a modern-day Tupperware party for relationships. Her “communication workshops” for singles and dating and married couples spawned a business and a blog. Whether Crockett is debunking relationship myths or telling personal stories that have helped shape her views on relationships, she is warm and caring.

54. Ashley Manta

When we think of Ashley Manta, sex, body-positivity and weed come to mind. Ashley is a body-positive sex educator and coach who not only hosts sex education workshops and events, but also is the founder of CannaSexual™, a brand promoting the use of cannabis or cannabis products during sex. Open up your mind and your senses, and check out her blog!

55. Come Heather

Heather blogs about her adventures and misadventures in sex and sexuality, as well as her personal reviews of body-safe sex toys. She offers honest reviews that are true to her tastes and her body. Heather’s health and hygiene section has musings on products we likely wouldn’t have know about otherwise, so go check them out!

56. Captain Awkward

Welcome aboard the wonderful ship that Captain Awkward herself steers. This blog has a freakishly awesome following that is cultish in a good way. They even have their own lingo; it’s fantastic. Her advice and wit cover everything under the sun, including creeps, crushes, rejection, sexuality and sexual health.

57. BroadBlogs

Feminism is a word that is met with eye rolls more often than not, and yet it is something that young women are becoming increasingly involved with whether they realize it or not. The issues that plague the fairer sex these days are altering the course of history and Dr. Georgia Platts and her blog, Broad Blogs, are helping fuel the fire of that change. Platts, with a background in sociology and women’s studies, writes about the sexual differences between men and women, the reality of sex, empowerment, body image, how society influences our sex lives, and many other issues that concern sexually active human beings. Her posts are insightful and entertaining, as well as informative and engaging. If you’ve ever wondered why guys do stupid stuff to prove their manliness or how to have a threesome with your significant other without destroying your relationship, this is the blog for you. Go ahead, learn something.

58. Good Clean Love's "Make It Good" Blog

Good Clean Love Daily's blog is a place of power and love. Posts on Good Clean Love's blog, "Make It Good", reflects part of their mission: "to enhance your ability to enjoy the passionate side of life and educational resources to provide the insight to see your relationships with new and loving eyes" by offering advice to better love your partner in all times, whether they are afflicted or struggling or going through new changes.

59. Must Be This Tall To Ride

I’m sure you’ve all read Matthew Fray’s article “She Divorced Me Because I Left Dishes By The Sink”-- if not, hop to it. Regardless, MBTTTR is Matthew’s outlet for writing about feeling inadequate and offering his new-found perspective of his former relationship with his wife prior to their divorce. There are a lot of “what ifs” and “open letters to shitty husbands” and they are all wonderfully thought-provoking reads no matter your gender or relationship status.

60. You're Just a Dumbass

Clarissa Silva is not your average single chick with a blog. While she does write about her experiences (which she often describes as “suboptimal,” betraying her background as a scientist and researcher), she does so for the benefit of the reader. After spending time developing techniques for her clients to use to “create relationship wellness,” she decided to share her perspective and wisdom. Her blog is a unique blend of stories about douchebags she met through online dating sites and suggestions for how to date by creating a “happiness hypothesis” and testing it out. Silva’s blend of logic, science, and humor make You’re Just A Dumbass a humorous and educational read.

61. Healthy Sex and You

The fact that "Healthy Sex and You" is run by a sexual health educator adds to the decidedly authoritative feel of the blog, but in the best way possible. Rather than the questionable vibe of the many opinionated sex blogs out there, this blog feels like the wise advice of the coolest high school health teacher ever (you know, the one who keeps it real). Well-designed infographics, interesting articles from all over the web, and recurring features like Hump Day music posts combine to make a very cool site where education is the focus. This is the stuff that health classes should be made of: up-to-date information and an informal, non-judgmental safe haven for asking questions and learning about your body and sexuality.

62. Juliet Jeske

Juliet Jeske is not a dating expert. She isn’t a sexologist or a psychologist, though human nature and interactions do factor heavily into her stand-up comedy. Juliet Jeske is a divorcee living and dating in New York City. Her blog covers a very wide spectrum of subjects, ranging from slut-shaming, rape, and marriage equality to her own experiences with divorcing her now-openly-gay husband. She has become an advocate and educator of sorts on the topic of the Straight Spouse marriage, shedding light on the intricacies and misconceptions that arise when you find the person you’re married to is homosexual. Her blog is a breath of fresh air in a sea of blogs about how to hook a man or how to find love in your twilight years.

63. Balancing Jane

Balancing Jane is a blog about having it all or, rather, having it all if you want it. Covering everything from sex and relationships to family and racial equality, Balancing Jane gives new life to the “mom blog” by eschewing pre-conceived notions about motherhood and what topics are relevant to mothers. Sex is just as important for married couples as it is for the multitudes of singles blogging about their experiences, and author Michelle illustrates this beautifully by taking what she calls “a look at life’s intersections.” Bravo.

64. Abiola's Scared Bombshell Guide for Extraordinary Women

Abiola Abrams is more than a "love-body-spirit" coach; she is a guru. Her site is most definitely the passionista's playbook, as she calls it. From the typical online dating fare to the scientific reason why cuddling is a natural anti-anxiety remedy, Abiola's Scared Bombshell Guide has it all. Her blog is all about empowerment, confidence, and unleashing your inner goddess. Her wisdom can be found in her books The Official Bombshell Handbook of Feminine Power: The 13 Most Sacred Secrets of Womanly Wisdom and her online columns.

65. And That's Why You're Single

"Moxie," as Christan Marashio is known on her blog "And That's Why You're Single", is not a matchmaker. She is not using her blog to conduct research. She won't give you any cheesy one-liners to add to your OkCupid profile. What she will do is offer insightful posts in categories such as "Critical Thinking", "Dating Over 40", "Dating & Body Image", "Date Like a Man" and "Biological Clocks". She has written all over the web for magazines, blogs, and dating sites and it is because she has the expertise to back up her advice. She can help you gain the confidence and knowledge to really win at this whole dating thing.

66. Girly Juice - Kate Sloan

Trying to describe all the reasons we are obsessed with Kate's blog is like tattling on ourselves –We are like voyeurs when it comes to Girly Juice– we know all her intimate "secrets" because she shares them with us, with the web. We know Kate's favorite intimate things: Her favorite sex toys, her mental health diagnoses which she talks so openly and fearlessly about, and her feelings towards certain people she's been intimate with. We know all she lets us know (which is a ton!), and we're always wanting to know more. She allows us to peep on her sexy life freely. While Kate currently classifies herself as submissive, but don't let her fool you, she is far bolder than she is shy. When she's not penning her steamy, kinky life for the internet to read, you can catch her on "The Dildorks" podcast alongside Bex, or singing pop songs while strumming her ukelele.

67. Shawn and Gwenn

Shawn Decker and his wife, Gwenn Barringer, don't have your typical relationship blog. There are the requisite "50 Random Facts About Us" YouTube videos, pop culture rants, educational videos about condom use, HIV information, and movie reviews. There are also very personal accounts of the discrimination Shawn faced as a child living with HIV in suburban Virginia in the late 1980s. Shawn has been HIV-positive since the sixth grade. Gwenn is still HIV-negative after more than a decade of marriage. Their relationship has become an incredible platform for them to educate people and reduce the stigma attached to an HIV-positive diagnosis, especially youths. They have fearlessly allowed the world into their lives, documenting the ups and downs of life with HIV.

68. Skinny Dip

Simone, the author of Skinny Dip, is representing Canada well in the dating and sex blogosphere. As a 30-something blogger, Simone takes a decidedly sexier tone than many of the dating bloggers around the web. Her forthright discussions of sex and sex toys places her somewhere in the intersection of dating bloggers and sex bloggers. Reviews of sex toys and products mingle with giveaways and posts about her dating life. Her candor and humor make the topic of sex feel commonplace and comfortable, which is always a good thing.

69. bod - Bad Online Dates

Bad Dates Online, or bod, want to help you get out of bad dates and jump into a date with someone else nearby who is in the same unfortunate situation. Their blog is a wealth of dating insights, from what to do when your bestie is hitting on your guy, to overcoming the nervousness of a first date, to a series of questions submitted to be answered by Sasha!

70. Bex Talks Sex

Bex talks sex and sex education online, in the podcast "The Dildorks" cohosted with Kate Sloan, and as a speaker at events and such. Bex talks sex and is GREAT at it. If you're looking for an interesting toy review, insights on dating and relationships, or knowledge of sex toy safety or other sex ed, Bex has a post or 12 about the sexy topic you're looking for. They're making sex easier to talk about. Bex knows it doesn't need to be taboo, scary or unnecessarily comfortable, and therefore they created a wonderful safe space full of kinky, fun articles-- Check it out!

71. Beauty and the Biker/Ms. Single Mama

Alaina is the “Beauty.” Her husband Seth is “the Biker.” Together, they run the blog Beauty and the Biker, which is a diary of sorts of their journey becoming a family. Both were single parents- Alaina had son Benjamin, Seth had son Cohen and daughter Lily- when they met and fell in love. They married and had a child of their own- baby Foster- and have continued documenting their experiences as a big, happy blended family. Alaina used to blog as Ms. Single Mama, sharing her adventures as a single woman willing to wait, rather than settle. It certainly seems like her wait was well worth it. Beauty and the Biker is a collection of candid snapshots of her beautiful family, her experiences with home birthing her son, and the daily trials and victories of parenting.

72. Totally Tyler

The blog Totally Tyler is like a coming of age story for the ADD generation. Snippets of Tyler’s life growing up in Indiana, his sexual awakening, and his younger days in Atlanta form a vivid picture of a small-town turned big city boy living a fabulous life in New York. His stories are sincere and relatable, even beyond the gay community.

73. Divorced Girl Smiling

Divorce sucks, but the often-overlooked truth is that while it is an ending, it is also a beginning. Jackie Pilossoph, the Divorced Girl Smiling, emerged from her divorce in the same boat as many people: insecure, scared, and depressed. Over the course of seven years, Jackie turned her entire life around and used the new start to become a better version of herself. Having come full circle by finding love, Jackie’s advice about dating, coping with divorce, and loving yourself has a clarity that is very special among the dating and divorce blogs floating around on the internet.

74. Seriously Maybe

Men are underrepresented in the dating blogosphere, but the guys at Seriously, Maybe give a voice to male daters and tackle the tough topics that most people are afraid to discuss. Categories like Love, Sex, Dating, Cheating, and Marriage contain articles on such hot-button issues as inter-religion dating, porn, online dating, and cheating. Titles like “Why It’s Okay for Men to Cheat and Not Okay For Women to Cheat” may cause some eye-rolls, but the perspectives given on the more controversial issues are always surprising and enlightening.

75. Funky Brown Chick

Articles about how to talk to your five year-old about sex and whether polygamy and gay marriage are similar are just two out of a variety of topics that are covered on the blog Funky Brown Chick. Twanna Hines, the author, has the credentials as a sex advisor to offer the valuable and intelligent advice and information that you’ll find on Funky Brown Chick. She has a relaxed writing style that is intellectual yet inviting. She shares news stories and interesting information that enlightens.

76. Dating, Love and Sex Tips

Carmelia Ray has been helping people change their love life for a long time. Whether she’s working with professional matchmakers or writing books on the topics of love and sex, she is always offering expert techniques and valuable advice to help single people identify exactly what they want in a partner, how to find someone who meets that criteria, and how to keep their relationship thriving. Her blog Dating, Love and Sex Tips is a wellspring of helpful counsel about everything from the challenges of online dating to budget Valentine’s Day ideas once you snag a mate.

77. To Love, Honor, and Vacuum

Sheila Wray Gregoire’s daughter Rebecca described her as “the Christian Sex Lady” and, thanks to her blog To Love, Honor, and Vacuum, it’s understandable why. Sheila blogs about the real experiences and struggles of marriage without shying away from the naughtier bits. Posts include sexy Christmas gifts for him (cooking dinner wearing nothing but an apron!) and excerpts from her books, such as 29 Days to Great Sex. She proves that enjoying sex and intimacy don’t have to conflict with Christian faith.

78. Exhibit A

NSFW, but oh so safe for home. Mr. Handsome writes erotica and musings that he shares on Exhibit A. He’s an exhibitionist and kinkster who writes from filth to sensual, sweet collections on sex and love. He has a section he’s deemed “Top Posts” and they are indeed wonderfully written. Take a sneak-peek, and don’t miss the Sinful Sunday posts.

79. Love is Respect

Loveisrespect’s content and site is centered around empowering people, especially young people, to prevent and end abusive relationships. They teach that love is respect, and cover topics like the types of abuse, what consent is, and sex and healthy relationships (which, of course, we love!).

80. Hooking Up Smart

Relationships are changing. In today’s society of smart phones and online dating, hookups are par for the course. Hooking Up Smart wants to help daters strike a balance between digital and analog dating to create meaningful relationships with “insight, guidance, and perspective.”

81. Girl Boner with August McLaughlin

BOOM! August McLaughlin is bringing sexy back to every sexually unempowered woman out there. She wants everyone to embrace and recognize the sexual pleasure of females and her blog has great reads like “Girl Boner Physiology: The Female Body Turned ON!”, posts about female ejaculation, and even an article on pelvic pain during sex.

82. The Good Men Project

Founder Tom Matlack started The Good Men Project not as a way to explain what makes a “good man,” but as a way to share the stories of good men who were already out there and severely underrepresented in the media. What started as an anthology became a self-described “idea-based social platform” where the issues that real men face every day- depression, fatherhood, affection’s role in masculinity, feminism, and love and relationships, among others- are discussed. The fact that there is a “Relationships, Love, & Sex” editor, as well as “Gender & Sexuality,” “Dads & Families,” and “Good for the Soul” editors solidifies the well-roundedness of this answer to every glossy men’s magazine you’ve ever seen.

83. Em and Lo

Em and Lo are like the best friends every woman should have at least one of: they're smart, funny, and full of frank and honest advice about sex and love. They're also well-connected: their blog features regular contributions from extremely qualified doctors, a dream expert, and a panel of guys who offer the oft-needed opinion of the other gender. As the co-authors of over half a dozen titles like Sex: How to Do Everything and Sex Etiquette for Ladies and Gentlemen, they've established themselves as the self-proclaimed “Emily Posts of the modern bedroom.”

84. Rachel Kramer Bussel

Rachel Kramer Bussel is a brilliant writer with an impeccable ability to craft and edit erotic stories and super sexy anthologies. Her writing style is easy to get lost in, a satisfying blurring of fantasy and reality, it’s no wonder you’ll find her work about dating and sex in dozens of magazines and media sites.

85. Smut For Smarties

We adore Elle Chase of “Smut For Smarties” for SO many reasons: Her brains, her great writing on sex and relationships, her ideas of sexual freedom, and last (but not at all least!), her tackling of negative body image and shamers. Curves are sexy, and she is making sure curvy gals (and everyone else) know it and feel it! Spend hours, no, days, reading ALL the things on her site. You will be entertained, you will learn, and you will keep coming back.

86. The Redhead Bedhead

The best erotica, which sex toys are best for discreet traveling, and the best ways to successfully date online are all things you can learn from JoEllen, also known as the Redhead Bedhead. She shines a light on the dark topic of depression (in the hopes of making it a lighter, easier to talk about subject, as it ought to be!), especially as it relates to sex. Check her valiant efforts out today!

87. The Gottman Institute

Known for pioneering research in marriage and relationships, The Gottman Institute is frequently sharing ways to better love your partner. Their posts are thoughtful and very well-suited for married couples, couples in long term relationships, and families.

88. The Urban Dater

The Urban Dater is the real world counterpart to all of the blogs out there authored by sexologists or experts in the field. None of the writers are experts in the field of love, sex, or dating, but they all share their real-world stories. Topics range from online dating and whether you should include the fact that you’re a parent in your profile to dating older women. Those real-world experiences offer just as much insight into dating, relationships, and sex as the diatribes by experts that you’ll find on other sites.

89. A Marine and HIV

Brian is a Marine who discovered he has HIV while on pre-deployment leave. He talks bravely about his initial struggles to return to the military not only as a gay man, but as a gay man with HIV. Today Brian is an advocate for individuals living with HIV. His blog posts tell of his journey and include topics like his first seropositive relationship, depression, stigma and fighting it.

90. Charlie Glickman, PhD

Dr. Glickman is a sexuality educator and coach who helps people coach people to fulfill their sex lives and relationships. He discusses sex-positivity and making room for human sexuality diversity, and to end the idea that their is a normal in terms of sex-- setting aside and banishing the ideas that certain types and ways of sex are abnormal, wrong or shameful.

91. Sex & Psychology by Dr. Justin Lehmiller

Dr. Justin Lehmiller doesn’t base the content of his blog, Sex & Psychology, on his personal sexual experiences. He doesn’t rely on information gleaned from years in the dating game or gather his facts from the notches on his bedpost. The research he conducts as a psychology professor at Harvard is what he uses for material, but you won’t find any boring lectures on this blog. The infographics, ranging in topic from mistakes during condom use and faking orgasms to characteristics of men who have sex with animals, are the real star of this blog, with an entire tab dedicated to the most popular. The combination of scientific research and viral-quality content makes Sex & Psychology an incredible resource for anyone interested in sex and human nature.

92. Marvelous Darling

Sarah Jane has created a feel-good, hedonistic space on the Internet where she writes about things that make her feel good, which is super important considering she is afflicted with common downers like panic disorder, anxiety and depression. She blogs about makeup she enjoys, sex toys she likes (or doesn’t!) and even skincare products.

93. I'm Still Josh

Josh Robbins calls himself a "social media HIV activist" and one visit to his well-designed blog corroborates his story. By educating and supporting others, Josh has created a safe place for the HIV-positive community to have their stories heard and get a break from the stigma of living with the virus. There are useful tools like the Encouragement Wall, a touching way to get or give a little dose of positivity, and the ISJnotify tool that lets you anonymously notify a sexual partner of your diagnosis. Josh is deftly using social media as a tool to share his story of living with HIV. The title of his blog says it all- he may be HIV positive, but he's still Josh.

94. Hey Epiphora

To mostly some up Epiphora’s site, we’d say, “Honest AF sex toy reviews galore!”-- but there really is more there that matters. We love her because she reviews sex products with brutal honesty (which everyone appreciates!), and also calls out shortcomings of the sex and adult industry like toxic toys and erroneous scientific studies in her “Um, No” series.

95. Shmitten Kitten

Shmitten Kitten is a blog by writer Anna Goldfarb, but it feels more like a series of conversations you’d hear if you were eavesdropping on a table of really cool women at a Sunday brunch, mimosas included. From an ongoing list of “bonerkillers” and “Oh no he di’int” moments to posts in defense of texting from the toilet, this blog covers the things women really talk about to one another, the way women really talk. There are no flowery stories about finding love or tips for how to hook Mr. Right. There are titles like “Things in his house that make me glad” (absentee roommates) and critiques of dating shows. There are also gifs- lots and lots of hilarious gifs.

96. Science of Relationships

Science of Relationships’ writers are busting myths about relationships left and right. They are backed up by data and delve into the actual science behind relationship chemistry-- from attachment, affection, attraction, break-ups, cheating and way, way more. This site’s articles cover all of our list’s categories: sex, love and lust! Check them out!

97. Dangerous Lilly

We have mad respect for Dangerous Lilly. Dangerous Lilly’s blog is where you go for objective, scrutinizing sex toy/product reviews, in-depth guides to all sex-toy-related things (seriously, read them all!), and getting educated on toxic and unsafe toys and the companies making and marketing them. She’s a badass with a well-designed, badass blog.

98. Scarleteen

Scarleteen offers “sex ed for the real world”; covering topics of sex, relationships, pregnancy, parenting, sexuality, abuse and more. But they are so much more than that, Scarleteen is a support organization that is there for you and anyone who needs a someone to hear them out and answer the tough, otherwise uncomfortable questions. They cover everything in relatable, matter-of-fact ways, kinda like talking to your nonjudgmental, cool aunt or uncle. Scarleteen “just gets it”, and they want to help you understand and be well-informed, too.

99. Sunny Megatron

Sunny Megatron shows and tells all-- from sex workshops on techniques or sexual identity, to toy and product reviews-- she knows sex and all the who, what, where, when, why, and hows that go along with it. Whether it is a vanilla norm or a BDSM extreme, Sunny can (and will!) tell you how and what to do.

100. Center for Sex and Culture

If you are familiar with Carol Queen, it is probably as a prolific writer. In addition to decades of pioneering work as a sex activist and educator, Queen and her partner Robert Lawrence started The Center for Sex & Culture. The blog for the Center is an excellent resource for educational materials and artwork from their impressive archives, discussion-worthy topics across the full spectrum of human sexuality, and events in the San Francisco area.

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