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North Carolina: STD Information

It is also imperative to get the facts about sexually transmitted diseases. Everyone is susceptible to STDs in North Carolina. Getting tested today for sexually transmitted diseases is a way to know your status. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), STD rates in North Carolina is on the rise.

  • In a 2010 Kaiser Family Foundation survey, 45.3% of North Carolina residents aged 18-64 reported testing for HIV during their lifetime.
  • Of the 4,470 HIV-positive people living in Mecklenburg County in 2010, 3,194 were black
  • Majority of HIV infections in the state of North Carolina are going to be in male adults aged 40-44
  • Black women were living in with an HIV diagnosis at 13.9 times the rate of white women in NC in 2010.
  • North Carolina ranked 17th in the US for rate of chlamydia per 100,000 people.

There is significant danger of getting a sexually transmitted disease in North Carolina from an infected person who is ignorant of the fact that have an STD. Not all STDs are curable. An estimated half of the people in North Carolina will have an STD sometime in their life. An STD test is the only way to be sure you are STD free. Embarrassment often prevents people in the North Carolina area from seeking treatment for their STDs.