In San Francisco, a shifting landscape in sexual health unfolds. As condom use dips LGBT men, reliance grows on methods like PrEP and maintaining low HIV loads to prevent transmission. Still, this shift plays its part in the uptick of gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia cases throughout San Francisco.

The local public health department sharpens its focus on cutting STI disparities and thwarting severe complications from these infections. Especially noteworthy are rising syphilis numbers—a stark 200% jump in women—prompting heightened emphasis on STD testing services across San Francisco’s diverse population.

STD Statistics for San Francisco

Reported Cases of Syphilis
Reported Cases of Chlamydia
Reported Cases of Gonorrhea

San Francisco’s health landscape displays a mixed picture when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases. A lean towards less condom use, partly owed to trust in PrEP and HIV treatments, has sparked concern. This shift links to climbing numbers of syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia cases.

Syphilis infections show an alarming trend with over 95% of new early cases touching only men in the city. From 2017 through 2021, syphilis diagnoses in males saw a small uptick by about 4%. Women faced a much steeper rise, jumping from just under sixty instances up threefold.

Youth tells another story for chlamydia stats in San Francisco, they point down significantly (32%) same period, but not without racial disparities; black young women bear more illness than others do. Meanwhile gonorrhea reports slipped by nearly one-tenth overall yet suggest extra-genital testing might catch what standard checks miss since so many male diagnoses came this way, through throat or rectal areas. Timely detection is crucial for controlling STD spread.

This is why STD Testing San Francisco is vital for maintaining public health.

STD Testing in San Francisco

STDCheck boasts many places in San Francisco where you can get tested for STDs quickly. These certified labs promise private testing and you can often get tested the same day you order from We also offer a number of payment options for discrete payment.

Everyone should keep an eye on their own health. Regular checks stop diseases from spreading without one knowing it. If worried about privacy or cost, you can be sure that you are getting the most value from a STDCheck test that will take place in privacy at a certified lab.

Our tests are administered by a medical professional with 99% accuracy. They’re safe, easy to use, and approved by key agencies. Expect answers in days via secure online spaces just for patients. We also offer virtual doctor consultations based on your results and can send prescriptions to your local pharmacy for an additional fee. If signs of STDs show up or there’s concern after sex without protection – test soon!

Ignoring symptoms doesn’t fix anything; harm could spread further both inside your body and touch others too. Specific ones may be suggested based on a person’s sexual life or current bodily troubles, or one might opt for a full checkup.

Some clinics focus on community aid for those with low funds. Insurance may cover part of the bill. Expect to discuss with experts which route is best, considering your personal history.

San Francisco STD Information

In the city by the bay, health experts keep a close eye on sexual wellbeing. After mpox surfaced in June, they scrambled to curb its spread. They gave local San Franciscans over 27 thousand shots!

With cases now down and no more emergency, it seems their hard work paid off. But there’s another fight: syphilis among expecting moms risks unborn babies with grave harm or death. From ’17 to ’21 in San Francisco women saw a sharp rise of this old disease; some newborns suffered too.

So what do city docs say? Test often for STIs like syphilis if you could have kids soon or are getting busy between sheets where risk runs high. Don’t think twice about treating it quick as lightning both yourself and your partners too.

The city offers resources at, tailored for patient education. It provides guidance for both the public and healthcare providers in daily clinic interactions.
In San Francisco, getting tested for STDs is a step toward good health and peace of mind. The city’s diverse resources make it easy to find confidential services that fit your needs. With the rise in infections, frequent checks are key for sexually active individuals.

Embracing regular screenings can prevent complications down the line. Take charge of your wellbeing today; Buy a test today from STDCheck and book an appointment to ensure you stay informed about your sexual health status, it’s quick, discreet, and could be life-saving.