How To Flirt With New Emojis

There are so many new ways to ask your crush or significant other to Netflix and Chill with all the new iOS 9.1 emojis. They may seem innocent at first glance, but they are full of sexual innuendos perfect for flirting or sexting. Here’s a guide to 20 of the new frisky, teasing emojis to help you out:

Emojis Guys Use To Flirt

⚗️ Alembic

  • Use the alembic emoji to let someone know that you can feel the chemistry between you. Don’t be afraid to talk nerdy when you talk dirty!

🕯️ Candle

  • Let your partner know that the mood has been set with the candle emoji. The candle is practically equivalent to rose petals– add it with a bathtub emoji. They’ll get the hint!

🤗 Hugging Face

  • This “hugging face” emoji is ready to grope the hell out of you. Kinda creepy, kinda endearing. Use with caution.

🦀 Crab

  • The crab emoji is perfect for letting your partner know you have crabs, aka pubic lice, and that they should get tested. Yikes! Also, great for gals who are PMSing; let guys know you’re crabby and that now is NOT a good time.

🌡️ Thermometer

  • Turn up the heat! The thermometer emoji will almost instantly get Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” playing in your heads, and you will be taking off your clothes.

🌬️ Wind-blowing Face

  • Hah! As if the wind-blowing face emoji is supposed to be used for weather updates. No, we all know what it’s really meant for.

⛓️ Chains

  • Into freaky, kinky stuff? The chains emoji is here for you! Alternatively, it can be added to conversations about 2 Chainz for obvious reasons.

🍾 Bottle With Popping Cork

  • The champagne bottle with the cork popping out: There has never been a more relevant emoji to depict an orgasm. Ever. Ta-da!

🕵️ Detective

  • Let your partner know you are digging into their Facebook past or personal history with the spy emoji. Or use the spy emoji to let them know that you want to see STD test results before Netflix and chill goes down.

🍿 Popcorn

  • Hello, Netflix and chill, we introduce to you the popcorn emoji!

🛋️ Couch and Lamp

  • The ultimate Netflix and chill emoji is the new couch and lamp emoji! Add it with a film or movie emoji and the popcorn emoji for the ultimate effect!

🌶️ Hot Pepper

  • The hot pepper emoji is great for letting someone know you think they’re hot or for showing your partner you what to spice things up!

🎛️ Control Knobs

  • Know how to push all the right buttons? Use the control knobs emoji to let your crush know too!

🛡️ Shield

  • Let your partner know you have protection or to bring protection (from STDs and pregnancy) with the shield emoji! Safety first!

🕹️ Joystick

  • Few things are as aptly named for sexual innuendos as the joystick. The joystick emoji can certainly take over the eggplant emoji’s role. C’mon, we all know the eggplant emoji is never used to signify you love a good vegan healthy meal.

🕳️ Hole

  • The hole emoji– where you insert the joystick emoji. Yep.

☣️ Biohazard

🌭 Hot Dog

  • The hot dog emoji is now the most fitting food emoji to represent a penis. So there’s that.

🛏️ Bed

  • The ultimate bow-chicka-wow-wow emoji of them all is the bed emoji! Add a simple “You + Me =” equation before it and you are set!

🛥️ Motor Boat

  • The motor boat emoji is self-explanatory when used as a verb. Pair it with the hugging face emoji for hilarity… and to get your love of boobs across quickly.

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