HIV From a Prostate Massage?

Prostate Massage HIV Risk

The prostate is located right below the bladder and in front of the rectum. A doctor can examine your prostate by inserting a lubricated gloved finger into your rectum to see if there are any abnormalities in size, shape, or texture. If anything unusual is found, your doctor may need to do further HIV testing

There are many concerns about whether HIV can be contracted through a prostate massage. Many times, prostate massages are given to a patient by a medical professional, but can also be given by a loved one or even a sexual service massage therapist. This article is meant to clear up any confusion regarding this risk for those in need of a prostate massage, whether it’s for health reasons or simple pleasure.

What Are the Risks?

There is a very low risk of contracting HIV from giving someone a prostate massage or receiving one from another person as long as safety measures are taken. This includes wearing a latex glove at all times and avoiding contact with any broken skin. Some oils used for massages can break down the latex material, whether you are using a glove or a condom. Water- or silicon-based lubricants would be the best to use. 

Prostate Massage and HIV Viral Load

According to PubMed, the prostate can hold a reserve amount of HIV, so ejaculating after a prostate massage will release a higher HIV viral load into the semen. If proper safety precautions are taken when being around semen infected with HIV, like wearing gloves or condoms, then the risk of contracting this virus will be very low. HIV viral load can be a lingering problem.  

Common Ways to Contract HIV

The most common ways to contract HIV are through sexual intercourse, drug use involving syringes with needles, and being stuck with an HIV-infected needle. Sharing needles puts you at a greater risk for contracting HIV, whether you are abusing illegal drugs or administering a prescribed medication. No matter the reason, avoid sharing needles at all costs. 

Choosing to wear a male condom or female condom is an extremely effective way to prevent contracting HIV. Wearing a condom every time you have sex will keep your chances of getting HIV extremely low, unless there is a risk factor, such as a tear in the condom. You can check to make sure the condom has no tears in it by looking at it periodically while having sex.

What Are the Benefits of a Prostate Massage?

If there is inflammation or enlargement of the prostate, then you could experience difficulty urinating. The prostate sits just below the bladder, so if it is enlarged or swollen, it is likely putting pressure on the bladder and causing urinary issues. Emptying the prostate of fluids from the prostate ducts can relieve pressure from the urinary tract. 

There are several other health risks for a prostate that is inflamed or enlarged, such as erectile dysfunction, waking up to pee throughout the night, difficulty emptying the bladder, and frequent urination caused by the pressure on the bladder. A prostate massage could be beneficial for these symptoms. 

Alternative Medicine 

Naturopaths and alternative medical practitioners claim that a prostate massage can alleviate inflammation that is causing urinary issues, like urinary incontinence (bladder leakage), frequent need to urinate, or difficulty urinating. All of these issues could be linked to an inflamed prostate that is putting pressure on the urinary tract. 

If you are experiencing these symptoms, a medical professional may diagnose you with prostatitis. This condition could also come with symptoms like a high temperature, chills, or pain at or near the base of the penis. Even lower back pain can be linked to this condition. It is best to get medical attention right away if you are experiencing any of these conditions.

According to this study from NIH, prostate massages were proven to improve urination in all 5 men in the case study who were previously diagnosed with prostatitis. Regular prostate massages were conducted 3 to 4 times a week. Out of the men, 2 had catheters before starting the study and later had them removed after the study due to the improvements.  

There was another study done in 2009, by Open Urology, out of 154 men who used an at-home prostate massage device, 115 of those did experience an alleviation in urinary symptoms. This at-home prostate massager from Rite Aid would be similar to ones used in studies.

Prostatitis can also cause erectile dysfunction (ED). In this study, regular prostate massages, along with antimicrobial therapy improved impotence and also resulted in the removal of a catheter of a 69-year-old male. 

How to Massage Your Prostate

Prostate massage HIV

You can massage your own prostate by inserting a well lubricated finger into your rectum. Generously apply lubrication to the anus as well. Before starting, trim your nails and file down any rough edges. Then wash your hands clean as you normally would.

Insert your index finger to the first knuckle slowly, then gradually to the second knuckle. Once the finger is inserted, feel for a round lump that is about 4 inches up the rectum and near the base of the penis. That round lump is the prostate. The pad of your finger, opposite of the nail, should be able to press on the round lump towards the front of your pelvis. If the pad of your finger is pressing toward your tailbone, then you’re feeling on the wrong side of the rectum. 

Once you have located your prostate, you can either gently rub side to side, back and forth, in circles, or apply slight pressure as if you were pushing an elevator button. Doing these motions will empty fluid from the prostate ducts. Some men prefer to do this while masturbating in order to fully release the fluids from the prostate during ejaculation, while others have a partner do this for them while engaging in sexual activities. 

Massage Parlors

There are also facilities that provide sexual services, such as sensual massages, oral sex, and masturbation. These types of places can also provide a prostate massage. Typically, a masseuse will have you come into a private room and lay down on a massage table. Different oils or lubricants will be used to massage and/or arouse the client. If protocols are followed correctly, they will give an erotic massage with gloves on, and there is no skin-on-skin contact. With the prostate massage, they will be fully gloved, and use latex-safe lubricants. 

Can You Get an STD From Prostate Massages?

prostate massage std

There are other STDs that you are at higher risk for when receiving a sexual service at an erotic massage facility. If the workers are not careful and there is skin-to-skin contact of genitals or oral sex involved with no dental dam in place, then you are at risk for contracting STIs, like HPV, herpes, chlamydia, and syphilis. A professional should never touch their eyes either and then your bare skin as there is also a risk for ocular herpes (herpes in the eye) that could be transferred to the genitals or mouth.

Any contact with genitals or the inside of the mouth should only be with protective equipment properly placed on the client and the masseuse. The same protective equipment that is used for oral sex should never be used again for any other purpose. Each sexual act should be done with unused gloves, condoms, dental dams, and any other barrier device that might be used. 

Prostate Massage STD Risk 

Let’s Wrap This Up (Pun Intended)

Prostate massages can be a great alternative to modern medicine or used in conjunction with it. They can also improve sexual performance in men who are struggling with impotance or ED. Ask your doctor how often you should be getting a massage. It may be several times a week until symptoms improve. Symptoms may return after the first few massages, but should be less and less severe with each massage. If symptoms persist after a long period of receiving prostate massages, then your doctor may recommend more in depth treatment options.

There are plenty of massage therapists who can massage your prostate for you. If you would like to find a massage therapist who can do this for you, you can start by searching at Massage2book, click the drop down menu for “Massage Therapy”, and select “Prostate Massage”. These are not typically covered by health insurance, unless a doctor is performing it during an office visit.

Prostate massages are studied vigorously and might even be recommended by your doctor at some point in time if you are having an inflamed or enlarged prostate. Most men might find it helpful to use this method along with antibiotics or some other form of medication as recommended by their urologists

It is nearly impossible to contract HIV by giving or receiving a prostate massage, so it may be a safe alternative to riskier sexual acts. HIV actually dies within seconds once exposed to air and light. Many HIV positive people actually seek out these services as a way to relieve themselves sexually in a safe environment where there is no actual intercourse. Having HIV doesn’t have to hinder you from taking care of your other sexual health needs. 

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