Free vs. Paid STD Testing: What To Expect

STD testing options are abundant, but there are pros and cons to where you choose to get STD tested. Many people want to know what happens during STD testing, so we break it down depending on where you go. Below is a breakdown of what you can expect when you get an STD test at a free or income-based clinic, and what you can expect when you get STD testing through 

Paid vs. Free STD Testing

A comparison of our paid STD testing services versus free STD testing services: STD TestingFree Clinic STD Testing
No discussing symptoms or how you may have contracted an STD; just a quick sample-taking.Meeting with a doctor; awkward, uncomfortable and likely personal discussion.
Appointments are not needed; just a quick 5-10 minute lab visit.Drop-in hours; 2-3 hour wait times.
Receive your results in 1-2 days.Results received in 1-2 weeks.
More than 4,000 labs across the country. Limited locations.
Most labs are open Monday through Saturday; from 7:30 a.m. - 4 or 5 p.m.Hours and days of operation vary.
Free doctor consultation via phone.Doctor consultation in-office.
Easy, essentially painless blood or urine sample.Uncomfortable, invasive (and often painful) swabbing.
Test results are posted privately in your secure online account.Results are delivered via a phone call.
These labs test for many things, so others will not know the reason you are there.These clinics often only test for STDs, so everyone knows why you are there.
Tests start as low as $24.Testing is based on income and welfare eligibility.
We offer affordable HIV testing.You may have to pay based on a sliding pay scale.

It really is worth it to get peace of mind sooner without the hassles and delays associated with free STD testing. Your time is valuable, and so is knowing your status sooner; get tested today.

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