13 Questions to Ask a New Sex Partner

Sex can be an uncomfortable topic to talk about with a new partner, but sexual health is too important to ignore. Even asking a partner or boyfriend or girlfriend to get tested for STDs prior to having sex can be intimidating, especially since many people don’t know where to start.

We’re here to make asking questions about sex with your future partner a little easier for you. Try making the conversation less daunting by starting with these questions:

    1. Are you having sex with anyone else?
    1. When was the last time you tested for HIV?
    1. Have you ever tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease (STD)? Were you treated if so?
    1. If you’ve had an STD, did you get retested after completing treatment for that/those STDs to be sure that the infection was cleared?
    1. How many sex partners have you had since your last STD test?
    1. Which STDs were you tested for?
    1. Have you had any STDs in the past six months?
    1. If you have been diagnosed with herpes or genital warts, are you having outbreaks? Are you being treated currently?
    1. Have you ever shared needles or drug using equipment like snorting straws?
    1. Are you opposed to using a condom?
    1. Do you have a latex allergy?
    1. Are you currently on any form of birth control or contraception?
  1. Which sexual activities do you want to engage in/which activities do you NOT want to engage in?

We truly believe that the best way to make this situation less awkward and uncomfortable is by getting STD tested together and being honest with each other. Sexually transmitted diseases are a serious matter, and many STDs, like herpes, can be transmitted in ways other than having sexual intercourse, so it is important to have ‘for sure’ answers regarding your sexual health. Get STD testing with your partner.

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