Top 10 Reasons Men Lie About Having an STD

While it is quite common that men lie and cheat, it is also common that men lie about their positive STD status. It is true! Some men will have sex with you even if they are aware of their true status. Sadly, men are generally willing to discard the truth to dodge negative consequences. This reckless behavior is emotionally damaging to people in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

Men lie about STDsThough men often conceal STDs that typically are not life-threatening, it is simply unethical and morally abhorrent. It is important to immediately tell your intimate partner(s) about your STD status; it is beyond common courtesy and respect.

It is fairly easy to get infected. That is why it is imperative to practice good sexual habits using condoms, which are highly effective in helping to prevent HIV and reducing the risk of other sexually transmitted diseases.

Sexual transmitted diseases are very common and symptoms can lie dormant for many years. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), chlamydia is the most widespread treatable STD, but half of all men in the U.S. with chlamydia have no recognizable symptoms; 10% of men with gonorrhea show no visible signs of symptoms either. This makes it easier for men to be untruthful and obscure about their STD status.

There are tons of possibilities on why men lie or hide their true STD status, we’ve compiled the top 10 reasons:

1. Fear of Rejection

Sex is one of the most powerful ways that men seek pleasure, connection, and acceptance. Revealing an STD is a threat to all of that. Men are afraid of rejection. The desperate urgency to feel desirable and a part of something is inevitable. This impulsive behavior cripples their better judgment, which causes them to behave irrationally. A man’s human nature is quite complicated.

2. Some Men Are Immature

Some men are mentally and emotionally immature. Men would rather evade the truth about their STD status to get what they want. If they are merely looking for casual sex, they don’t want to ruin their chances of sleeping with you. Immature men are superficial and nothing more. A mature adult is caring, and forthright about a positive STD status.

3. He’s Insecure

Men are secretly sensitive. For all the proclamations of masculinity, the male ego is particularly frail. The problem is courage is hard to come by, and being rejected by revealing an STD status can wreck a man’s self-esteem.

4. Men Can Be Deceptive

Men often lack the compassion to comprehend or even care about the emotional and physical damage they cause to others by lying about their STD status. Men have a much more flexible relationship with the truth than women.

5. He’s Afraid

Research has repeatedly shown that men use lies to avert negative consequences- afraid of dealing with the truth and rejection. Though they can endure humorous insulting jokes that comes with the territory of male friendship, rejection from their intimate partner(s) pierce straight to the heart and the concern of being undesirable is a total blow to their egos.

6. He Hates Condoms

Totally disregarding the health risk of their sex partner(s), some men will omit a positive STD status solely because they don’t like to wear condoms. Studies have shown that men dislike condoms because they lessen sexual sensation, and are uncomfortable on the positive and condoms

7. Denial

Telling the truth can be very complex. Some men are in denial about their positive STD status, so actually telling someone makes it real. Men often lie to themselves, living in a world of denial; living in reality compels you to take logical action. Not accepting the truth can cause your sexual partner(s) humiliation and pain.

8. Discretion

Men generally lie to casual sex partners. Some feel that they aren’t morally obligated to disclose their STD status if they’re not in a fully committed relationship.

9. Embarrassment

Embarrassment keep men from disclosing their true STD status and/or getting treatment. Many are usually reluctant to tell their partner(s) simply because they are uncomfortable discussing STDs, hoping they will eventually disappear. Though sometimes sexually transmitted infections become dormant, untreated STDs can cause grave consequences.

10. Herpes & HPV

Men are notorious for lying about having incurable, but common, STDs such as herpes and HPV, mainly because they’re too afraid and immature to bring up the subject. According to the CDC, at least 50 percent of sexually active people will have genital HPV at some time in their lives.

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